DRYH: Heads and Tales

DRYH: First Session

The first session involved Krista being forced by her sister to try on a bridesmaid dress for their father's impending wedding.  After Krista expressed her complete lack of desire to participate in the wedding to her sister, she begrudgingly tried on the frilly pink dress and sighed as she looked into the mirror at her reflection.  At first, she saw only herself in the mirror, her black dress underneath the garish pink one.  Then, the reflection changed to look like she was standing at a window looking onto a Victorian street, complete with gaslight and harse-drawn carriage.  Freaked out and not wishing to cause a scene, Krista removed the bridesmaid dress and attempted to leave her sister's spare bedroom… only to step into a wooden Victorian storage room instead of the hallway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Savage, in his research laboratory, delivered the serum he'd been creating for months in an attempt to cure his wife; his wife that he'd infected with his own incurable disease to test out this very serum.  She quickly went into convulsions and died on the examination table, leaving Dr. Savage alone, and a murderer.  Unperturbed, Dr. Savage began hacking his wife's body into pieces small enough to fit in the incinerator.  That is, he did so until her head began talking to him, telling him about a place that has the cure.


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